I offer a variety of workout programs and routines with the use of various equipment. A movement assessment will be performed in the first personal training session. This assessment is where I will gain valuable information that will help in selecting the proper exercise program. Here are some examples of my workouts. Remember every workout will be different.Fitness equipment

Body Weight
Body weight training, a method that uses the body’s own weight as the source of resistance for strength training and muscle endurance.

Strength Circuit
Circuit training consists of a series of resistance training exercises that are performed one after the other, with minimal rest. Circuit training maximizes the volume of work done in a short period of time. Circuit training is a great tool to use for people who are interested in weight loss, muscle gain and overall strength increases.

Strength/ Cardio Circuit
You love cardio but know you should do weights too, or maybe it’s the other way around. A strength/ cardio workout includes additional cardio components added to a strength workout. This workout offers the best of both worlds. When the weather is nice moving your strength/ cardio circuit outside will give it a fresh twist.

Core Stabilization
Core stabilization helps improve posture, balance, strength and coordinated movement, and helps protect the body from injury.

Corrective Exercise
In everyday life, we are constantly doing activities that create imbalances in the body. From how we sleep, sitting for long periods of time, or participating in various sports, our bodies slowly develop strengths and weaknesses that eventually lead to muscle imbalances in the body. When these posture and movement imbalances are present in the body, we can be more susceptible to chronic pain and injuries. A corrective exercise program can help to prevent injuries, reduce movement deficiencies, improve muscle imbalances, and maximize results.

I will provide cardio plans for treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike. Interval training is a way to maximize your workout in a shorter amount of time, and can be done indoors on a machine or you can take it outside. The goal is to move into different heart rate training zones throughout your cardio session, challenging your heart and body to work harder.

Ten Minute “Quick fit”
Short on time? A “quick fit” workout is a short workout to use while traveling for work, vacationing, or dealing with a busy schedule. I’ll give you creative ways to sneak in exercise.

All workouts include foam rolling and flexibility exercises.