Exercise Basics

Importance of Flexibility
Proper flexibility allows your body to move through its full range of motion. If one muscle is tight and shortened another may be stretched and lengthened to compensate.  These changes in the length and tension of muscles can cause muscle imbalances, a reduced range of motion, and predisposition for injuries.

What is my “Core”
When you hear the word “core” most individuals have the misconception that your core is your abdominal and lower back muscles. The core consists of the hips, pelvis, abdominals, lower back, mid-back, and neck regions of the body. Your core is divided into two categories, your stabilization system and movement system. The stabilization system is responsible for stability in your body. The movement system is responsible for movement.

Importance of Core Stability and Strength
Your core is the beginning point for movement. An efficient core is necessary to maintain proper muscle balance in the body. It is important to understand and train both of your core systems. A strong core helps to reduce the risk of injury, maintain proper posture, improves your ability to do everyday activities, and can give you the appearance of a slimmer tummy.