6 Easy Nutrition Goals for the New Year

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The New Year always brings a renewed motivation to get healthy. Here are some easy changes you can make toward a healthier you. Try to make one change a week instead of going for all of them at once.Nutrition Goals for the New Year

  • Drink more water, drink less juice and soda.
  • Eat three balanced meals and 2 snacks per day.
  • Pack in the fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat a good balance of protein, carbs and good fats. The recommended percentages are 40-65% from carbohydrates, 20-35% from fat, and 10-30% from protein.
  • Try a new recipe. Check out my Pinterest board for healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Many of us eat the same foods every day, however eating that way can cause you to miss out on the important nutrients your body needs. Eating a variety of healthy foods is essential to get all of the nutrients you need.
  • Clean out the pantry and stock it with healthy foods. We often receive a lot of goodies during the holidays and fill our pantry with the unhealthy stuff. It’s time to clean it out!

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