Why Lift Weights?

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I often get the question, “why should I lift weights?” Weight training is an integral part to a well rounded exercise program. There are many benefits to adding weight training to your workout regimen. Here are my top five reasons you should start lifting weights now!

1. Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Diseases
Exercise can reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

2. Boost Your Metabolism
Women naturally lose muscle mass as they age, this will cause your metabolism to slow down.

3. Burn More Fat
Muscle burns calories and fat stores them. Muscle tissue is more active than fat. Muscle requires more calories to keep it in working order.

4. Feel and Look Better in Your Clothes
Weight training helps to sculpt your muscles and change your overall shape. Fat and muscle may weigh the same, but muscle takes up less space because it is denser.

5. Fight Osteoporosis
Research has shown that consistent resistance training not only maintains bone mass, but can even build new bone.

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