Why shop at the farmers market?

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Bill was out of town this past weekend, so I had to drag my two boys to the farmers market. They weren’t too excited to go, but I think they actually had fun. They brought the dog, which they always love to do, and taste the yummy samples. All in all it was a good trip and now my fridge is stocked for the week with healthy foods. Here are some reasons why I chose the farmers market any chance I get.


1) They are easy to find. Here are some local farmers markets I like to visit in the Portland, Oregon area. Check out these links!

2) Ask about ways to prep the wonderful foods you find. The farmers will often times have great tips on prepping their fruits, vegetables, etc.
3) Supports your local farmers
4) Easy to find organic fruits and vegetables


5) It can be a fun day for your family. The farmers market is not just about grabbing your produce and heading home. You can often find great food stands and plenty of entertainment.
6) Prices are often times cheaper than the grocery store
7) Freshly picked fruits and vegetables are at their peak in flavor and nutrients

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