Tips For Eating Healthy While Eating Out

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So many people struggle with staying on their healthy eating plan when they go out to eat. Is it possible to eat Chicken salad with vegetables and croutonsout healthy? Yes it is by making a few easy changes.

  • Look up nutrition facts before you go out. Nutrition facts for many restaurants are now posted on the web.

  • Choose foods that are grilled, broiled, baked ,or steamed. Avoid any foods that are fried, breaded, sauteed, or creamed. Look for dishes that include lean meats and vegetables.

  • Order a smaller portion by splitting a meal with a friend or ordering off of the appetizer menu. Eat half of your meal and take the other half home. Order a half size. Some restaurant will prepare a half sized portion, but they may not list it on their menu.

  • Watch the condiments such as salad dressing or mayo. Stay in control of the amount and ask for it on the side.

  • Drink water instead of ordering a soda.

  • Don’t forget to take your time and enjoy your meal :o)

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