5 Home Gym Equipment Essetials

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Short on time? Don’t want to spend the money on a gym membership. Exercising in your homeAerobic Pilates stuff like mat balls roller magic ring is a great option. With a few pieces of equipment you have your own gym!

Here is a list of my must-have equipment essentials for your home gym to keep you in shape year-round.

Here are my top 5:

1) Mat
Not only great for doing Yoga and Pilates exercises, but also doubles up for floor work and as a stretching mat.

2) Stability Ball
A stability ball, also known as a Swiss or physio ball, can help make your core work more efficient.  They actually make your core work even when you aren’t trying. You can use them in place of an exercise bench for many exercises, improve your balance and coordination. The balls come in different sizes based on your height. 55 cm ball for 4’11” – 5’4″ and 65 cm for 5’4″ – 5’11”

3) Resistance Bands (light, medium, heavy)
Resistance bands, also known as “tubes”, are great because they are portable, and allow for a wide range of exercises. A door anchor, usually purchased along with the band, gives you the ability to use your doorway for even more options.

4) 5 – 10 pound dumbbell sets
Strength training builds muscle which raises your resting metabolism and gives your body definition.

5) Foam Roller (6″ diameter, 36″ length)
Foam rolling can help prevent injury by keeping your muscles functioning properly.  Using one is like giving yourself a deep tissue massage.  Foam rolling has been known to help prevent or reverse knee, hip, and ankle pains.  Use this before and after a workout.

Kick it up a notch – here are a few more items to make your workouts more challenging:

1) Step bench (I prefer The Step Freestyle)
Using a step bench will target your lower body. A step bench also have the benefit of combining aerobics and strength training.

2) BOSU Trainer
A BOSU may be one of the best pieces of equipment your can invest in. In fact, I’m tempted to make it my 6th essential item. A BOSU Trainer is great for building strength, improving cardio endurance and finding your balance. It adds instability to your workouts, forcing you to use your core to stay steady.

3) Kettlebell
Kettlebell training combines cardio and strength training. It’s a great way to keep your workouts fun. Kettlebell training isn’t something you can just jump into without the proper instruction, make sure you get advise from a fitness professional.


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