Five great reasons to workout with a friend!

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Two Women Exercising On Beach

Having trouble getting motivated to exercise? Bring a friend along. Why exercising with a friend can help you stay on track.

  • keeps you accountable; it makes it harder to cancel a workout

  • it’s a great time to catch up on daily life

  • work out life’s problems

  • time will go by much faster

  • you can celebrate your success together

Here are some fun ideas for working out with a friend.

  • Try a class together that you might be too intimidated to try on your own.

  • Head outside and go on weekly walks or hikes. There are a lot of great convenient places to hike to NW Portland.

  • Get on your bikes and zip around the neighborhood. Find a great destination to have a healthy lunch.

  • Gather a few extra friends and start a weekly walking or running club.

  • Invest in a personal trainer and get the benefits of a professional together. Partner or group training cuts the cost.

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